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"To date, three expeditions have been sent into Vorlon space to establish formal relations. None of them came back."

The Vorlons were the last of what are known as the First Ones, an ancient group of races that are
possibly older than Earth itself. In ancient times, several billion years ago, the First Ones fought
against the Shadows, a race that was old when the ancients were young, and fought them time and again for a million years. 10,000 years ago, the Shadows were finally defeated by the First Ones. However, they were not destroyed. 1000 years ago, the Shadows once more began to stretch forth their hand. By this time, many of the First Ones had left this galaxy. When the Shadows did move, they moved too quickly, and were defeated again by an alliance of worlds including the Minbari and the few remaining First Ones. After this, all of the remaining First Ones "passed beyond the veil". Except for the Vorlons. This was the war that inspired the Narn legends about the Shadows as related by G'Kar as Narn was used as a supply world by the Shadows and their servants. After being awakened by the crew of the Icarus in 2256, the Shadows again began to stretch forth their hand, and the Vorlons were the only First Ones still here to help the younger races against this darkness.

Not much is known about the Vorlons. They are a very secretive race, hidden behind their encounter suits. A legend tells of one person who saw a Vorlon without its suit. He was a fighter pilot that had crashed on a Vorlon colony and walked to the nearest civilization. Then, upon seeing a Vorlon, he was turned to stone. Some people say that it is just an attempt to make other races fear them.

The only human known to have ever to see a Vorlon outside of its encounter suit before December, 2259 was Dr. Kyle, who attended to Kosh after a failed attempt on Kosh's life. In actuality, before December, 2259, several humans have seen Vorlons, including Lyta Alexander, and further back, the man today known as Jack the Ripper. Others included, most likely, many of the founders of Earth's older religions.

Vorlons use organic technology. Their ships are alive, and appear to have some intelligence. Vorlon ships are made for their custodians, and are possibly analogous to a favored horse in their relationship with their owner.

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