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"Earth Central sent me everything they have on the Vorlons, and it's not much."

The Vorlons traveled to many worlds, where they appeared to races as beings of light, and many of
those races believed they were gods. Eventually, the Vorlons started to believe them. The wished to
enter a gate which they believed would take them to heaven where they might touch the face of God
to become gods themselves. What they found once they entered the gate was a much more powerful
race, which incredibly stronger psi abilities, which it used to control some of them. It turned some of the Vorlons against each other. The Vorlons that still had free will were in such a rush to get out of there they did not think of destroying the artifact. "One mistake of so many more" the Vorlon programing in Lyta had said. We seen some of their mistakes, but which ones remain out there?

The Vorlons are one of the very few known silicon-based life forms in the galaxy. They are powerfully telepathic and have incredible physical strength. Next to nothing is known about a Vorlon's physical makeup with surety. They are bioluminescent and can move quickly. Their anatomy allows them to fly; probably through the use of psychic powers along with crystalline wings. Vorlons are very long lived; possibly immortal as the Soul Hunters are rumored to be. They supposedly are heavy methane, sulfur, and Carbon Dioxide breathers, however, being outside of the encounter suit in an nitrogen/oxygen environment does them little or no harm. Nutrient circulation is carried out by "blue cells." Vorlons are susceptible to the poison Florazyne.

Psi Ability
The Vorlons have very strong telepathic abilities. Distance and dimensional location are not a hindrance to them. At its most basic level, the Vorlon can communicate by sending images directly to a recipient's brain in a form of pictorial communication utilizing forms and experiences from the subject's mind. A more advanced form of direct communication usually occurs when the Vorlon chooses from the mind of the recipient a person that is important to that person. Using the memories of that figure, the Vorlon can communicate with the recipient in that form; utilizing direct manipulation and the emotional weight of the figure. Psychic communication between a Vorlon and another usually occurs when the person's mind is in a different state: asleep, exhausted, in a heightened state of awareness. This has led to the association of Vorlons with dream imagery. At its most powerful level, the Vorlons can alter a being's conscious perception of themselves to a limited number of observers. The use of this power requires a certain amount of previous manipulation on the subjects in effect, programming a preset perception almost at a genetic level, that the Vorlons know how to activate. When appearing before a single subject, the effect is an automatic autonomic reflex and does not strain the Vorlon. The most difficult and physically demanding use is when the observers are of different races since each race will perceive something different. The overall effect is that all present sees their own version of a Being of Light masked over the true form of the Vorlon - even those with beliefs that are post-Vorlon influence since the programming is very deep.

In addition to telepathic powers, Vorlons are highly adept in the use of Telekinesis and some forms of psychometric. Recorded telekinetic effects include, but are not limited to, physical violence ranging from the While some speculate that Vorlons have the physical ability to fly, it may be that they simply levitate themselves. The psychometric powers of a Vorlon seems to be useful in seeing the shadows generated by the release of a large amount of energy that are  "painted" on nearby surfaces.

Time does not mean to the Vorlons what it means to most of the galaxy's species. They perceive reality, time, and space differently than most. It is said they take no interest in the affairs of others, however they appear to have taken a marked interest in the Minbari and the Humans, and even the Narn. Vorlons speak of themselves in the plural. They also view each individual Vorlon as part of a whole; with each Vorlon being or having an element of every other Vorlon.

Being one of the few remaining First Ones, they are powerful and self-righteous. Peculiarly, they are
also insecure about that power. The death of one of their number is taken hard by the whole race.

Toward their servants, the Vorlons expect nothing but perfection. Failure is rarely tolerated with gentility.


Vorlon names are actually a description; with the words being the closest we can come to the original Vorlon language. They speak through a series of musical/tonal/atonal  chords, almost a chorus of voices.

Vorlon territory is known as the Vorlon Empire. Nothing is known if there is a Vorlon Emperor, but there is a High Command. The Vorlon Empire maintains a strict immigration and tourism policy:

Earth Alliance has sent three expeditions into Vorlon space. None have returned. The Vorlons said they had met with accidents and suggested they send no more expeditions into their territory. The Centauri have also sent expeditions into Vorlon space. The Centauri have many strange stories about the Vorlon. Even the Minbari loose their expeditionary forces into the Vorlons’ territory.

Their starships are living creatures. The fighters are the most primitive ships with rudimentary evolution abilities. Their war cruisers carry a full crew of Vorlons.

The main world of the empire is Vorlon. It is about 96 standard hyperspace hours from Babylon 5. Its atmosphere consists of presumably Methane/Sulfur/Carbon Dioxide.

Vorlon territories are rarely trespassed without severe consequence. While no one has mapped the Vorlon Empire, its borders are well known.

A Few of the known Vorlon Holdings: DM+ 45 2505. This system is accessible through the Centauri jumpgate at Batain, but travel there is not recommended.

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